China is facing huge amount of snowfall after 116 years


Northeast China has the highest snowfall in 116 years. The northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning has experienced a record 116 years of heavy snowfall.

For the first time since 1905, there was heavy snowfall in the area, according to local media. The snowfall had started from last Sunday. The area is said to have received 20 inches more snow than average.

According to local media, trains, air and other vehicles were closed due to heavy snowfall. One person has died and more than 5,600 have been displaced by a blizzard following heavy snowfall in neighboring Mongolia.

According to meteorologists, there was a sudden heavy snowfall before the onset of winter this year. Mongolia and about 27 areas in northeastern China have been blacklisted for cold winds after heavy snowfall. Stating that people’s lives have become difficult due to the snowfall, the local government has issued a notice to all to stay warm and store food.

Earlier in September, a power outage in northeastern China had made life difficult for people there.

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