Drink thorn water to prevent coronavirus from diabetes, including the recipe


The risk of coronavirus is increasing worldwide. The World Health Organization is urging people around the world to exercise caution and vigilance. Since vaccines against coronavirus are not immediately available, people are using a variety of home and ayurvedic remedies to boost their immunity.

Similarly, some of the spices found around the house and in one’s own kitchen are also useful to fight against corona, people have started using such spices nowadays. Here is information on how to make Kandapani to prevent coronavirus from diabetes.

Method of making thorn water

1. First of all, put 300 ml of water in a pot and let it boil.

2. When the water starts to boil lightly, add a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds.

3. After placing fenugreek, now put a tablespoon of fennel seeds in it.

4. In the same way, mix 2-4 small pieces of cinnamon in it and let the water boil well. Let the water boil from 300 ml to 150 ounces.

Benefits of Thorn Water:

Increase in Immunity: This hard water increases the immunity in the body. During this epidemic, everyone is trying to improve the immune system. In this case, the thorny water is not only the immune system, but also the overall health of the body is beneficial.

Beneficial for diabetics: Regular consumption of this thorny water also helps in controlling diabetes and completely eliminating it in 5 to 6 months. The fenugreek and cinnamon mixed in it helps in controlling diabetes.

Beneficial for heartburn: Regular consumption of this kadapani is beneficial for joint pain in men especially in women and also for heartburn. It should be taken regularly for at least a week to measure its effectiveness.

Strengthening the digestive process: A person’s health improves when his digestive system works actively. This thorny water taken daily in the morning on an empty stomach, it eliminates minor stomach problems from gastric disease.

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