EU pressures all smartphones to have the same charger


The European Union (EU) has demanded that all smartphones be equipped with the same charger. The union’s pressure could hurt Apple Phone, the world’s largest maker of Apple phones. The European Commission believes that having the same type of charger would also reduce power consumption and reduce the problem of wasted chargers.

Similarly, the commission has concluded that every time consumers buy a new phone, they will no longer have to buy a new charger and the waste of electronic goods will be reduced. But Apple claims the commission’s decision discourages innovation and diversity.

Due to the directive of the commission, mobile phone charger manufacturers are now forced to make the same type of charger. Officials say the European Commission has drafted a law on similar chargers for mobile phones, tablets and headphones.

The commission’s legislators have been demanding for nearly a decade that all devices be fitted with appropriate types of chargers. They claim that using the same type of charger can also contribute a lot to the protection of the environment.

A study by the European Commission found that discarded and unused charger wires produce 11,000 tons of waste each year. According to the same study, 420 million mobile phones and other handheld devices were sold in EU countries last year.

The study also found that on average, each person had three phone chargers, two of which were in use. The commission’s proposed legislation is expected to take up to three years to implement, as the European Parliament and EU member states will have to discuss it first.

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