Kovacin is 78 percent effective, claims India Biotech


The corona vaccine produced by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech Company is 77.8 percent effective.

On Friday, Bharat Biotech announced that its covid vaccine was effective against the covacin virus. A peer review by The Lancet confirmed that the covacin was 77.8 percent effective against the symptomatic Covid-19.

Evaluation analyzes of 130 infected people from 25 vaccine groups and 106 placebo groups have shown that covacin is 77.8 percent effective against covid infections with common symptoms, ”said Bharat Biotech, citing a study by The Lancet.

The company said in a statement that the covacin would be 93.4 percent effective against covid-19 with severe symptoms.

The company also claims that covacin is the first covid vaccine to be found to be 65.2 percent effective against the Delta variant in the third phase of testing. According to the company, the side effects of the vaccine were similar to those of placebo and only 12 percent showed normal side effects.

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