Polish PM accuses Russian President of creating immigration problem

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Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moraviecki has accused Belarus of having a Russian immigration problem with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thousands of migrants and refugees are trying to cross the Belarusian border into Poland.

Prime Minister Moravataki has accused Moscow of being the “mastermind” of the problem.

At least 2,000 migrants have now arrived at the border to enter Poland, according to international media. Thousands of Polish troops have been deployed along the border since they tried to enter Poland by force.

On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) accused Belarus of inciting migrants to take revenge. The European Union (EU) has accused the West of sending migrants and refugees to EU member states in retaliation for sanctions imposed on its president.

Hundreds of people from Belarus are trying to cross the border into Poland in a video released on social media. Some have even tried to break the fence. They are being stopped by the Polish army.

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