Polluted smoke covers Delhi, air quality ‘very poor’


Air pollution in the Indian capital, Delhi, has reached a critical level. Air pollution in Delhi has increased due to burning of straw in the surrounding states and fireworks on Diwali.

On Friday, Delhi’s air quality index averaged 360. However, many areas in Delhi have become ‘red zones’. According to Indian media, the air quality index reached 700 in two places in Delhi on Friday morning.

An air quality index of zero to 50 is considered ‘good’. An index of 51 to 100 is considered ‘satisfactory’, an index of 101 to 200 is considered ‘moderate’ and an index of 201 to 300 is considered ‘bad’. Similarly, the index from 301 to 400 is considered ‘very bad’ and the index from 401 to 500 is considered ‘severe’.

Visibility has been reduced in many parts of Delhi as air pollution has increased due to smoke generated due to adverse weather conditions. According to the Center for Science and Environment, the smoke in Delhi’s skies will remain for another day.

With the recent bad weather in Delhi, people are facing various problems. Experts have called on the government to take immediate action, saying the polluted smoke in the atmosphere has created an emergency-like situation.

Experts are of the opinion that strict measures should be taken against vehicles, industries and roads which are the main cause of air pollution.

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