Prime Minister’s wife holds political and diplomatic talks in Japan


Prime Minister’s wife Arju Rana has intensified political and diplomatic meetings during her visit to Japan. She is scheduled to meet with prominent figures at the Liberal Democratic Party’s headquarters in the capital, Tokyo, today.


On the occasion, she had a meeting with Toshihiro Nikai, President of Japan-Nepal Parliamentary Friendship Association. Rana thanked Japan for providing assistance to Nepal against the epidemic during the second wave of coronavirus, including the AstraZeneca vaccine. Discussions have also been held on common interests including climate change, disaster management and cooperation in the education sector.

During the meeting, Rana met with Riuji Koizumi, former head of the International Bureau of the Liberal Democratic Party, Katsui Hirasawa, director of the International Bureau, chief secretary, and the president of the Japan Conservation of Nature.

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