Appointed female employee to slap as soon as Facebook opens, Elon Musk responds


Anyone who is aware of the addiction of social media platforms like Facebook but one person has been employing a woman since 2012 to get rid of this addiction. As soon as the man opened Facebook, the woman slapped him. Alan Musk, the richest man in the world, has given his reaction to this amazing job of a woman.

In fact, Indian-American entrepreneur Manish Sethi has hired a woman to slap him every time he opens Facebook. Sethi, the founder of Pavlok, a wearable brand, hired a woman named Cara for डलर 8 an hour to look at her screen and slap her if she went on social media platforms.


Manish Sethi has been employing women since 2012, but it is being talked about today because after 9 years, Tesla CEO Alan Musk has responded by using two ‘fire’ emojis. Sethi wrote in a 2012 ad, “When I’m wasting my time, you have to shout at me and slap me when you need me.”


Manish Sethi reacted skeptically to Musk’s response. Sethi credited Kara for helping him improve his ability to work by slapping him. “Most of the time, my average working capacity was about 35-40 percent,” he said. Ever since Cara sat next to me, my capacity has increased to 98 percent. ‘

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