Coughing constantly? There may be other reasons


One thing frightens us right now. Cold, cough and high fever. In other days these problems were considered normal. He would recover without taking any medicine. People used to digest colds, coughs and fevers just like that.

But now things are different. When these symptoms start to appear, our minds start ringing. We start to think to ourselves, ‘Damn, don’t you think Corona?’

The world is terrified of Corona. Therefore, the most common symptom of corona is cough. People infected with the corona virus say they initially had a persistent cough. Then problems like fever and joint pain appeared. Of course, not all symptoms are the same. Some are infected, with no symptoms at all.

Regular coughing may not be due to corona. Coughing can have many causes.

Flu or allergies

Colds and pollution can cause flu or allergies. In this case, there is a problem of coughing and sore throat. Dry cough is also a cause of viral infections.


Coughing can also be caused by asthma and asthma. In this case, it is difficult to breathe and there is a problem of shortness of breath. Persistent coughing and respiratory problems can be symptoms of asthma.


Pneumonia is an infection of the air sacs in the lungs and is filled with phlegm. Initially, pneumonia is similar to bronchitis.

Tuberculosis means TB

This is a problem caused by infection. And, infections are caused by bacteria. Such bacteria enter all parts of the body and cause disease. This problem usually occurs in the lungs. It also causes excessive fatigue, weight loss and prolonged coughing. Cough and blood in the cough can also be a symptom of tuberculosis.

Lung cancer

Coughing with a cough for three weeks or more can also be a sign of lung cancer. The first 15 percent of the reasons are common. Excessive smokers are at higher risk.

Such a person may have a persistent cough for more than three weeks and gradually develop blood along with the cough. This type of cancer can cause unexplained weight loss, extreme fatigue, and pain during sleep.

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