Do you have diabetes? Don’t forget these five food mistakes


Diabetics should take special care of their diet. Keeping the diet right also keeps blood sugar levels under control. The patient should know what to eat as well as what not to eat. There are many different ways to control diabetes but there are many things that many people have said but in reality they are wrong. Nutritionists advise against paying attention to such rumors. Let’s take a look at some of the illusions that diabetics shouldn’t believe.

Diabetics should not eat carbs

Many people believe that diabetics should not eat carbs. According to health experts, carbs do not harm you. Depending on what type and amount of carbs you consume, carbs will benefit or harm you. What time you are eating carbs can have a devastating effect on diabetics. Diabetics should avoid foods high in carbs such as pasta and white bread.

Diabetics can eat fat-boosting foods:

Fat can be an essential part of your life but you have to choose it very carefully. According to nutritionists, eating highly saturated foods can raise your bad cholesterol levels, which in turn increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Artificial sweeteners are a safe alternative

There are many artificial sweeteners on the market that are especially safe for diabetics. However, the reality is that artificial sweeteners impair insulin resistance. Even though it is sugar free, it contains all the harmful chemicals.

If you have taken medicine, you can eat sweets:

According to health experts, just because you are taking medication does not mean that you are exempt from eating sweets. Patients with diabetes should eat foods rich in medicines as well as nutrients. A nutritious diet can help control sugar levels. In addition it helps to reduce the risk associated with the disease.

Fruits are harmful for diabetics:

Fruits have a natural sweetness, but many diabetics feel that they cannot eat them. Fruits contain all the essential nutrients and its consumption in limited quantities is very beneficial for the body. It is better to eat whole fruits instead of fruit juices. Diabetics should not eat or drink on the basis of what others say. In any case, consult a nutritionist before making any changes to your diet.

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