Exercising in the winter? Take care of the lungs


Do you go out early in the morning to exercise? If you are doing so, the doctor advises: Avoid possible infections in the lungs.

According to experts, the amount of air pollution is high in winter season. Moreover, the dust particles of Kathmandu are also rich in viruses and bacteria, due to which viral infections increase the incidence of colds, fevers, pneumonia and other infections in people.




Doctors say that dust particles can cause lung allergies, skin problems and itchy eyes if they reach the lungs through the airways.

To avoid such infections, it is important to use N93, 95 or 99 masks before going out for exercise in the morning. Other types of surgical masks cannot filter out fine particles of dust below PM2.5, which causes dust particles smaller than PM2.5 to enter the lungs through the trachea and cause various lung infections, say doctors.
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Dr. Krishna Kumar, Associate Professor, Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital and Chest Disease Specialist, Department of Pulmonology and Critical Care, Medicine. “In previous years, lung infections were more common in September and October,” says Niraj Bam. However, due to increasing pollution and cold, the number of patients coming to the hospital with this problem has increased significantly.

Such patients are more prone to colds, asthma, bronchitis, bronchitis, asthma and respiratory problems. The bomb explains. He said that the number of patients coming to the hospital due to pneumonia has been significant recently.

Dr. According to the bomb, special care should be taken while exercising in the morning to avoid such problems caused by air pollution and cold. He suggests exercising only after sunrise in the morning to avoid such infections.

Dr. According to the bomb, children and the elderly have a lower risk of chest infections as their immune system is weakened. He also said that people with diabetes and kidney disease, cancer patients, heavy smokers and alcoholics have high risk of infection including pneumonia.

What can be done to prevent such an infection? Dr. The bomb suggests:

– Wear warm clothes.

– Eat clean and healthy food.

– Avoid cold

– If you have to take a morning walk, go to a place with open grass and clean environment.

Exit the Morning Walk as soon as the sun sets.

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