For the first time since Covid in Australia, air traffic was light at this time of year


Australia has eased restrictions on its international borders following the Covid-19 epidemic.

On Monday, Australia eased its international border, which had been tightened since the outbreak, Reuters reported.

Australians vaccinated with covid vaccine will be able to travel freely as restrictions on international border crossings are eased.

With the advent of international travel, people have the opportunity to be reunited with their families. People who met friends and relatives at the airport after a long time were very emotional.

Departing travelers hug at Sydney Airport in the wake of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) border restrictions easing, with fully vaccinated Australians being allowed to leave Sydney without requiring a travel exemption for the first time since March 2020, in Sydney, Australia, November 1 , 2021. REUTERS / Jaimi Joy

The first flight from Singapore and Los Angeles to Sydney took place on Monday morning. Friends and relatives who had not seen each other for months warmly welcomed the passengers who landed at the airport. It is mentioned in the news that the airport staff welcomed the returnees by giving them gifts like chocolates and biscuits.

After the coronavirus epidemic, Australia has been struggling to cross the international border for more than 18 months. With Monday’s move, thousands of people will be able to return home without a “permit” without having to wait for a quarantine.

Initially, only Australian citizens, permanent residents and their families would be allowed to cross the border once the restrictions on international borders were eased.

But the Australian government is preparing to open the border to foreign tourists and workers.

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