How to use meat?

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Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. However, it is important to pay attention to a balanced diet. Eating more meat than the body needs can also lead to health problems, while not paying attention to the food that provides the body with different types of protein does not lead to a balanced diet. Eating more meat than the body needs can lead to health problems.

Meat cooked with a lot of fat, spices and pies is delicious. Eating that delicious meat with rice, bread, even when the stomach is full, saying that the eyes are not full, saying that the tongue is looking for taste, it is affected when it is added again. Depending on the taste of the tongue, many non-communicable and non-communicable diseases are on the rise.

Sometimes during the festival, if you eat very tasty spicy meat as an exception, if you eat a lot in the morning, if you don’t eat lunch, your stomach will relax. Eating meat that causes stomach upset can cause diarrhea and stomach ache. By mixing green vegetables, curd, nuts, pulses and fruits with meat, it is possible to become healthy by eating a balanced diet.

A balanced diet should be our lifestyle. According to Eastern culture, it is customary to fast once a year to relax the stomach. At present, the practice of not eating intermediate fasting for 16 hours has increased. The practice of fasting was already a part of Eastern culture. Religious people eat only one meal during Dashain, i.e. Navarath period. Thus, the habit of fasting at other times also helps a lot in health.



How to use meat?

In the past, we had to wait for the festival to eat meat. I remember, 44-45 years ago, in the tenth, I was tempted to eat meat, meat, chewing gum and sweets. It was only during the tenth day that one could eat with pleasure. In Arubela, it is customary for the family to bring one foot and eat it. Nowadays, except for festivals like Dashain-Tihar, there are more people who eat meat at other times as well.

Special elements from meat increase the blood of the body. However, constant consumption of meat and neglect of pulses, nuts and green vegetables causes constipation. To get the protein your body needs, you need to eat all foods in moderation. Ignoring other foods in the name of holidays can lead to more problems for people with diabetes, uric acid, obesity and gastritis.


During the Corona epidemic, many people have given priority to meat in order to increase their immunity to fight the disease. Meat contains protein. But, it should also include other types of food. Even rich people can get enough protein from foods other than meat.

Meat should be eaten on the basis of weight. For example, a person weighing 50 kg needs 50 to 52 grams of protein, so it is better to eat meat on the same basis. Protein is not the only source of meat. Gedagudi, dal, kodo, fapar, rice, chiura all contain some protein.


Refrigerated meat and sausage

Outside, they cut the meat and put it in the deep freezer and cook it when they need it. In our country, many meats are cooked at once and kept in the fridge, then at the time of re-eating, all are taken out and heated at once, the required food is kept and then put in the fridge again. In this way, keeping it in the fridge, taking it out, eating it and putting it back in the fridge reduces the nutrients and quality in the meat.

Keep raw meat in deep freezer, take out as much as needed and cook. All foods should be eaten within 24 to 48 hours of refrigeration. Some foods, including celeriac and puri, can last a little longer.


In the village where there is no refrigerator, it is customary to make the meat dry. It is also customary to fry meat for a long time without adding water. This lasts for three or four days. If raw meat is not managed properly, it should not be eaten at all if it has a foul smell and different taste. Eating such meat after it starts smelling has a bad effect on health.

We don’t eat insect-infested rice or lentils, so we shouldn’t eat meat that smells bad. Eating such meat causes ‘food poisoning’. Meat should be eaten as fresh as possible. If it is to be kept for two-three days, it should be stored safely, cooked and eaten.

Eat according to the needs of the body

The human body needs protein. Older children, adults, pregnant women, pregnant women, the elderly all need protein. But, some need more, some need less protein. Eating less exercise, eating more than the body needs, and eating leafy foods makes the body unhealthy.

The incidence of non-communicable diseases has increased. Those who carry heavy loads and do more physical work can eat lentils, vegetables, meat and other foods with pleasure. However, those who work at the computer all day should eat less food. As you get older, you should eat less food. That is, the body needs fewer calories.

The body can get protein if it eats sufficient amount of yogurt, milk, cheese, mushrooms, tofu, fapar, millet, wheat bread, dhindo, chiura etc. Mushroom dishes, cheese, tofu, various kinds of nuts can be made and eaten during the festival.

At present, yogurt, honey and lemonade are disappearing from our kitchen. The trend of drinking Coke, Fanta and other soft drinks has increased in recent times. Such beverages should not be drunk before or after. You have to drink more meat No Such beverages cause serious health problems.

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