Jack Grielis in love with Emily Attack


English footballer Jack Grielis is currently in a love affair with actress Emily Attack. There is a secret date between them. News of Jack calling him on a daily basis has been published in the British media The Sun.
According to the media, they have been meeting regularly at Attack’s home and at the Manchester Hotel. It is also rumored that the relationship between Jack and his girlfriend Sasa has deteriorated. Jack, 26, has been dating Emily, 31, since last September.

According to The Sun, they have met at least twice since then. “A lot of footballers are imagining Emily. So her relationship with Jack has become a topic of discussion. And, because Jack is so beautiful, I think Emily’s girlfriends are jealous of him, “the source told The Sun.

Jack, who came to Manchester City from Aston Villa last summer, has been in love with Sasa for a long time. They’ve been in love since adolescence, but their relationship has never been better.

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