The problem of joint pain increases in winter season, these five ways will give relief


In cold weather, some people experience severe pain in the bones and joints. This is a very difficult time for people suffering from bath problems. As soon as the temperature drops, the joints become stiff and the bones begin to ache. Older people have a problem getting up and sitting down. According to the doctor, some tips can give relief to the bath patient in cold weather.

Keep the body warm:

In this season, the bath patient should be very patient. Cover your whole body with a warm cloth. When the body is hot, joint pain is reduced. Cover hands and knees with extra cloth. Wear socks. Taking such precautions in the cold gives relief in the bath.

Adequate water:

We feel less thirsty in cold weather but that does not mean that our body needs less water. There should be no dehydration in any season. Water keeps the body hydrated which makes our body more active. You can also keep the body hydrated with a variety of soups if you want.

Weight control:

Obesity and being overweight also make people less active. People suffering from bath disease should always control their weight. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. For this you can take the help of cardio, weight loss training and special diet. The full weight of the body affects our joints and bones. So no negligence should be taken in this.

Take a hot bath

Bathing in hot water in cold weather is also a great relief. According to the Arthritis Foundation, hot water is a great relief to patients with bath disease. It relaxes your joints and muscles. Remember, it takes time for your body temperature to return to normal, so don’t make the mistake of getting out of the cold and taking a hot bath immediately.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D deficiency in cold weather makes our body more sensitive to pain. Vitamin D deficiency can also lead to osteoporosis. So try to stay in the sun for a while in cold weather. Sitting in the sun for only 15 minutes a day, the body gets enough vitamin D. For this you can also consume eggs, mushrooms, fish, milk and dairy products.

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