Use ghee before going to bed at night, it keeps these problems away


You can use ghee not only for food but also as a night cream. Applying ghee on the face removes many problems. Ghee contains many nutrients which are very beneficial for health. It is also very effective in skin related problems. According to experts, regular application of ghee at night makes your face glow. Let’s take a look at how to use ghee to get rid of skin related problems.

Problems with chapped lips:

Many people suffer from chapped lips in cold weather. In this way you can use ghee. Apply ghee on the lips before going to bed at night. You can also wear it in the afternoon.

Skin Infections:

Ghee can be very useful for you to prevent skin infections. It eliminates problems such as itchy skin, redness and roughness due to skin infections. Ghee also softens rough skin. Applying ghee on the skin before going to bed makes you glow. However, if the skin is oily, consult an expert before using ghee.

Effective in black spots

Ghee can also be very useful for removing dark spots on the skin. If you have a problem with dark spots on your face, apply ghee at night and sleep. You can use it as a night cream.

When the sun burns:

Many times skin problems are seen due to sun rays. Using ghee will get rid of this problem. This will remove the scars on the face. If you don’t want to keep the ghee overnight, you can keep it for about an hour. This also shows the difference.

In the swollen area:

If any part of the face or body is swollen, it can be relieved by using ghee. Apply ghee on your face before going to bed at night and wipe your face with a cotton cloth the next day. You can also apply ghee on the affected area. You can keep it for up to an hour.

Eliminates eye fatigue:

Ghee can be very effective in relieving eye fatigue. Apply ghee around the eyes in a circular motion before going to bed at night. Doing so relieves eye fatigue and stays even if the eyes are swollen.

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