What to do in case of bad breath?


Bad breath can usually be caused by a type of food, smoking, tobacco use, improper care of teeth and mouth, health problems, dry mouth, dental problems and mouth infections.

Mouthwash helps keep our mouth hydrated. The anti-bacterial ingredient in the hair protects the teeth from various diseases. If for any reason the mouth becomes dry or there is a lack of hair, then not only the problem of bad breath but also various kinds of diseases occur in the teeth.




Bad breath

If you have bad breath, you should drink water from time to time. Drink according to your age and need. It is necessary to drink one glass of water 15 to 20 minutes before eating and 15 to 20 minutes after eating.

You can eat sugar free candy and chewing gum to get rid of bad breath. Eating chewing gum also exercises the mouth and teeth. Due to which it helps to keep the cheeks in shape.

Sugar-salt and alcohol should be controlled

If you are fond of tea and coffee, it is bad to consume too much of anything. Caffeine can also be responsible for bad breath. Alcohol and salt foods should be reduced. Fruits and salads should be eaten instead.

Ways to get rid of bad breath

Brush twice a day

For odorless breath and oral health, you need to brush after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night. You can also brush after breakfast. By doing so, the mouth stays clean for a long time and the smell of food does not come from the breath.

These things should be eaten

Tea and coffee are widely consumed in winter. So to get oral hygiene, you should eat oranges, carrots, lentils etc. It cleans your stomach and prevents bad breath.

When to go to the doctor

You need to check your teeth regularly with your doctor to keep your breath fresh. Your eating habits are the main cause of mouth related problems and bad breath.

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